3. 5. 2010

Just call me Daisy...

I'm pretty sure that you noticed some changes in my blog. I knew I need some change, but what??? But I decided... 
That's my plan:
1. I want make my blog more fashionable - no creepy stories about I don't know what... :D
2. I want try to write my blog in English (sorry for my mistakes, but I'm not genius in this language, so no stupid comments about my grammar, please :))) 
3. I must change my header → that's OK, I made it :) 
4. I must change my name, 'cos I'm sick of writing this  - M ### → OK (just call me Daisy :))
5. I try to post new posts more often (I only TRY)
6. And... I hope you'll like it. And I'll be very happy, if you leave me some comments or you follow me :)
Yeah, and you still can post your comments in Slovak or Czech...

And for explanation - Why Daisy?? 'Cos how I said, I was sick from writing ###, and Daisy reminds me spring, flowers and sun. Simply I like that name :)

7 komentárov:

  1. je to tu cele takove roztomile :)

  2. tak novy celkovy desing sa mi paci:)

  3. nechceš psát třeba česky teda slovensky...:D i anglicky?..přece jenom by to bylo pro nás jednodužší...:D

  4. to veronica: este musim nad tym porozmyslat, ale tiez ma to uz napadlo :))
    inak dik ostatnym za mile komenty :)

    Your Daisy

  5. I have to say I like the changes, because I can understand the blog now :) And forcing yourself to write the blog in English will make you better at that language!

  6. Prosim ta ako si si dala vlastne posadie na stranku? Nevies mi pomoct mne to s tym velmi nejde....